Propolis, and Cocoa Buzz recipe.

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From: "Sandra"
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 11:17:01 -0500
Subject: [Herb] Propolis

I was wondering if anyone has any experience, or thoughts about propolis. I know that it is not an herb, but a beehive product, a resin, but it is listed along with all the other bulk herbs in some of the major herb suppliers.

It's said to be an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, a natural antibiotic, strengthens the thymus gland that influences the immune system, etc.

I'm looking for something for basically for infections and inflammations, internal and external.

It is quite expensive, 22.00 1/4 lb or 57.75 for a lb.

Or are there herbs that would substitute as well?

Has anyone tinctured it?

From: "jim mcdonald"

>I was wondering if anyone has any experience, or thoughts about propolis.

Indispensable. I can't think that there could be any replacement for Propolis... and in fact, it is herbal, being made by bees from trees saps & resins. The only way to really use it is as a tincture... I do 1:4, with straight grain alcohol... Propolis is entirely insoluable in water and using diluted alcohol will be less potent. Judging by the smell of the leftover Propolis after you drain your tincture, I'd guess you could extract it at least twice, though I haven't done so yet.

You can chew on it, too, but it'll make those red "swedish fish" candies look slippery in comparison, sticking to your teeth for days. Ironically, as it inhibits the bacteria that cause tooth decay, this isn't such a bad thing...

It's ~excellent~ for treating infections, especially sore throat; if you squirt it right into the back of your throat it'll coat the inflammed tissues & STAY THERE, not being washed away by saliva for quite a while. The flavor/aroma is clearing to the head, and decongesting.

Propolis is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiallergenic, antioxidant, antiblah blah blah... AND it contains all the known vitamins except vitamin K and all the minerals needed by the body except sulfur.

Propolis also makes a GREAT band aid. Simply apply to a cut (after you've stopped the bleeding, perhaps with a bit of Yarrow or Witch Hazel) and breathe on it till it dries. Repeat till you have two or three coats. It'll seal & disinfect the wound, and promote quicker healing... WORKS GREAT for cuts on the fingers, toes, or other areas you can't bandage or poultice that well.

I've been pondering making a "bee salve", using only Propolis, Beeswax & Honey, but haven't yet gotten around to it... I don't have a recipe, I was just going to "wing" it. Maybe it'd "bee" good for "hives"... hee hee. If it worked well, it'd probably cause quite a "buzz", eh? Maybe I'll test it on my "honey"...

My favorite method of using Propolis (the most fun one, too, as much as my bad puns...) is in what I call...

Ingredients (for one cup):
1 spoonful Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (Non-Irradiated/Organic)
1 spoonful Organic/Wildflower Honey
Propolis Extract (about 30 drops - 1 squirt - or to taste)
Enough hot water to fill a mug

Optional flavorings:
A teaspoon (or so) Royal Jelly
A pinch of Cayenne (traditional Aztec admixture)
A pinch of Nutmeg
A Pinch of Orange Zest
A bit of Vanilla extract

Substitute Blackberry or some other flavored Honey (very good), Simmer Blackberries in some blackberry honey, or for a real kick, Blackberry liquor... your imagination is all that limits the possibilities.

To prepare:

Put a scoop of Cocoa Powder in a mug, add more or less an equal amount of Honey (you can adjust the Cocoa-to-Honey ratio to make the drink sweeter, or more bitter, if you prefer), a squirt of Propolis Extract, and any optional flavorings. Add hot water and drink up.

Leaving out the Propolis and focusing on the cocoa - those with a sweet tooth can simply simmer some fresh berries in some honey, add some cocoa powder, stir it up into a syrup and pour over vanilla ice cream... sinfully good. Or "paint" it onto a friend... that's sinfully good too...

From: "Sorcy"

> I was wondering if anyone has any experience, or thoughts about propolis.

Hard to find/get the unadultered raw propolis (commercial stuff is often laced with other powders to make it 'powdery) but I wouldn't be without. Its invaluable for anything you can imagine, external and internal, for first aid and fighting any type of bug.

Alas, expensive, and needs to be tinctured with very high percentage alcohol (at least 180 proof, but the higher the better, I use 96%.