Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:49:18 EST
Subject: [Herb] Tonsillitis

For tonsillitis would you suggest echinacea, elderberry, dandelion root, and garlic? I'm drinking chicken broth w/garlic and cayenne and lemon, gargling w/warm salt water, and it still hurts my ear and throat to swallow.

Suggestions? Ear drops?


I use iodine on a cotton swab to put on my tonsils and surrounding area when i get tonsillitis.

it works quick.


From: "Michelle Morton-niyama"

Propolis tincture works like a charm- spray it on your tonsils or eat it in honey- just dont put it in water 'cause all the good resins will stick to the glass!

From: Sharon Hodges-Rust

Drink plenty of fluids (no milk or milk products for the time being);

licorice root tea as a soother (DGL tablets if BP is an issue for you); direct pressure on the tonsil if you don't have an over active gag reflex, also pressure on soft palate can often drain sinus and reduce some swelling/congestion, external massage along jaw line to the ear in front of pena down around under ear then down toward collar bones for lymph drainage you can use garlic oil to do this;

grated carrot poultice -put carrot on a clean cotton sock and wrap around neck and pin in place a few times a day (this can be used alone or put on at night along with wet cotton socks on feet that are covered with wool socks; Usnea tincture; mint or thyme tea.

Sharon in Tucson

From: "Niamh"

Pain from tonsils often refers to the ears, so ear drops probly won't help.

If you have a lot of mucus (in eustacians), try glechoma for that.

With white yucky spots on tonsils, try baptisia/Hydrastis.

For the lymph glands, poke root/Arctium/gallium.

For a gargle, Myrrh is hard to beat/hydrastis.

Echinacea, yes, Elderberry, nice, not sure why dandelion (bowel?).

Most importantly, why the tonsillitus? Get well soon,