Daucus carota

Daucus carota

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Daucus carota L.
Engl.: wild carrot, bees' nest, bird's nest, carrot, Queen Anne's lace.
Deu.: Mohrübe, Möhre.
Fran.: carotte.
Sven.: vildmorot, morot.
Suom.: porkkana.
Bot. syn.: Daucus gingidium L.

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104. Daucus Carota. Morots-ört.

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104. Daucus carota. Gamla texter: Svensk Botanik, band 2, 1803. Text Conrad Quensel, illustration J. W. Palmstruch.

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Photo: Root vegetables 0.

Photo: Root vegetables.

Root vegetables: root parsley, parsnip and carrot, peeled. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Processed. 2005-02-10.

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