Circulation, high blood pressure. / 1994


Date: Wed, 6 Apr 1994 23:36:44 BST
Sender: "Medicinal and Aromatic Plants discussion list" <HERB.TREARN.BITNET>
From: Christopher Hedley <christopher.GN.APC.ORG>
Subject: Circulation herbs

Gingko has the best reputation for failing cerebral circulation in elderly people.

High Blood Pressure has to be treated holisticaly. The basic strategies are;
1. Address stress levels, using herbs such as Valerian or Lime flowers (Linden spp).
2. Support the Heart, using herbs such as Hawthorne flowers (Crataegus spp).
3. Relax the arteries, using herbs such as Cramp bark (Viburnum spp) or Yarrow (Achillea)
4. Reduce blood volume, using diuretics such as Dandilion leaf or Wild Carrot leaf (Daucus).
You could make a general tea, made up in this way, which would complement most other treatments, but you also need to address any other problems that may exist ie. treat holistically.
cut out sodium- common salt & MSG.

Garlic is beneficial in any circulatory problem

Christopher Hedley MNIMH