From: "jim mcdonald">
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 09:49:58 -0500
Subject: [herb] Vinca

Anybody use periwinkle (vinca), and understand it outside of just using it on astringent indications? I seem to have read once, or been told (hell, maybe I dreampt it...) that it was especially effective for strengthening capilaries & blood vessels, but I can't seem to find where I read that/remember where I heard that.

From: Dan

I've used Vinca on two occasions. Neither have i recieved much feedback from the clients.

The first is in a Migraine program as the second to last herb to try when the rest have failed to slow or stop the migraine. I first use aromatics like thuja or anemone, then aromatic antispasmodics like epipactus. Those both need to be done in the aura stage to prevent a full blown migraine. Once the Migraine is there then vasoconstrictors such as prescription drugs, caffeine, and VINCA... Then if those fail i use a vasodialator like clematis.

The other use for Vinca is it can be very effective to stop bleeding especially of vaginal/uterine origin. I have a client i gave it to who has a bleeding disorder. She hasn't since had cause to use it so no feedback from her..

The source on these uses comes from Michael Moore.

Dan McDonley

From: "Niamh Mcginley"

> Anybody use periwinkle (vinca)

you know about its use for haemorrhoids? (just checking:)

From: "jim mcdonald"

>you know about its use for haemorrhoids? (just checking:)

Yup... first time I used it was for that; made a blend of Periwinkle, Yarrow, Plantain, Oak & Stone Root tinctures diluted in witch hazel extract, which the client used to dampen a cotton ball and "tuck in there". Report came back that it worked, stayed in place too, but he had to go out and buy new underwear, all of it had an oddly colored green/brown stain he found somewhat embarrasing...