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Clematis L.
Engl.: virgin's bower, leather flower.
Deu.: Waldrebe.
Sven.: klematis.
Suom.: kärhö, metsäköynnös.

Clematis alpina

Clematis alpina (L.) Mill.
Engl.: alpine clematis.
Deu.: Alpenwaldrebe.
Sven.: alpklematis, ryssklematis, sibirisk sippranka.
Suom.: alppikärhö, siperian metsäköynnös, siperiankärhö.
Bot. syn.: Atragene alpina ssp. sibirica (Mill.) Korsh., Clematis sibirica Mill.

Clematis angustifolia

Clematis angustifolia Jacq.
Sven.: anemonklematis.
Bot. syn.: Clematis hexapetala Pall.

Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii Franch.
Engl.: Armand's clematis, evergreen clematis, leatherleaf clematis.

Clematis chinensis

Clematis chinensis Osbeck.
Engl.: Chinese clematis.
TCM: wei ling xian.

Clematis cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhosa L.
Engl.: clematis.

Clematis columbiana

Clematis columbiana (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray.
Engl.: Rocky Mountain clematis, climbing purple virgin's bower, rock clematis, whorl-leaved virgin's bower.
Bot. syn.: Atragene americana Sims., Atragene columbiana Nutt., Clematis pseudoalpina (Kuntze) A. Nels., Clematis verticillaris DC.

Clematis connata

Clematis connata DC.
Engl.: gold nod clematis.

Clematis crispa

Clematis crispa L.
Engl.: blue jasmine, swamp leather flower, blue jessamine, curled virgin's bower, curlflower, curly clematis, marsh clematis.
Bot. syn.: Coriflora crispa (L.) W. A. Weber, Viorna crispa (L.) Small, Viorna obliqua Small.

Clematis dioica

Clematis dioica L.
Engl.: cabellos de angel.

Clematis flammula

Clematis flammula L.
Engl.: fragrant clematis, sweet-scented virgin's bower, fragrant virgin's bower.
Deu.: Mandelwaldreben.

Clematis fusca

Clematis fusca Turcz.
Engl.: stanavoi clematis.

Clematis haenkiana

Clematis haenkiana Presl.
Bot. syn.: Clematis sericea Presl., Clematis thalicroides Steud.

Clematis heracleifolia

Clematis heracleifolia DC.
Engl.: shrubby clematis, bush clematis, hyacinth-flower clematis.
Sven.: blåklocksklematis.
Suom.: sinikärhö.

Clematis hexapetala:

Clematis hexapetala Pall., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis angustifolia Jacq.

Clematis integrifolia

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Clematis integrifolia L.
Engl.: border clematis, blue clematis, solitary clematis.
Deu.: Ganzblättrige Waldrebe.
Sven.: helbladig klematis.
Suom.: kellokärhö.

Clematis ispahanica

Clematis ispahanica Boiss.
Engl.: clematis.

Clematis ligusticifolia

Clematis ligusticifolia Nutt.
Engl.: western white clematis, yerba de chivato, old-man's-beard, pepper-vine, virgin's-bower, western clematis, western virgin's bower, wild sarsaparilla.
Bot. syn.: Clematis neomexicana Woot. & Standl., Clematis suksdorfii B. L. Robins.

Clematis macropetala

Clematis macropetala Ledeb.
Engl.: downy clematis.

Clematis mandshurica:

Clematis mandshurica Rupr., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis terniflora DC. var. mandshurica (Rupr.) Ohwi.

Clematis mauritiana

Clematis mauritiana Lam.
Engl.: clematis.

Clematis montana

Clematis montana Buch.-Ham. ex DC.
Engl.: anemone clematis, indian's virgin's bower.
Deu.: Berg-Waldrebe.

Clematis ochotensis

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Clematis ochotensis (Pall.) Poir.
Sven.: amurklematis, östlig alpklematis.
Suom.: ohotankärhö.
Bot. syn.: Atragene ochotensis Pall., Clematis alpina (L.) Mill. var. ochotensis (Pall.) Poir.

Clematis orientalis

Clematis orientalis L.
Engl.: Chinese clematis, oriental virgin's bower.
Bot. syn.: Clematis aurea A. Nels. & J. F. Macbr., Viticella orientalis (L.) W. A. Weber.

Clematis paniculata:

Clematis paniculata Thunb., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis terniflora DC.

Clematis patens

Clematis patens C. Morr. & Decne.
Engl.: clematis.

Clematis pitcheri

Clematis pitcheri Torr. & A. Gray.
Engl.: Pitcher's clematis, bellflower clematis, leather flower.

Clematis pseudoalpina:

Clematis pseudoalpina (Kuntze) Nels., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis columbiana (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray.

Clematis recta

Clematis recta L.
Engl.: upright virgin's bower, flammula jovis, ground virgin's bower.
Deu.: Steife Waldrebe.
Sven.: styvklematis.
Suom.: pensaskärhö.

Clematis rehderiana

Clematis rehderiana Craib.
Engl.: clematis.

Clematis sericea:

Clematis sericea DC., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis haenkiana Presl.

Clematis tangutica

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Clematis tangutica (Maxim.) Korsh.
Engl.: golden clematis, golden virgin's bower.
Deu.: Mongolische Waldrebe.
Sven.: gullklematis.
Suom.: kiinankärhö.

Clematis terniflora

Clematis terniflora DC.
Engl.: sweet autumn virgin's bower, sweet autumn clematis, yam-leaf clematis.
Sven.: stor styvklematis.
Suom.: mantsuriankärhö.
Bot. syn.: Clematis dioscoreifolia Levl. & Vaniot, Clematis mandshurica Rupr., Clematis maximowicziana Franch. & Savigny, Clematis paniculata Thunb.

Clematis verticillaris:

Clematis verticillaris DC., Ranunculaceae: See Clematis columbiana (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray.

Clematis viorna

Clematis viorna L.
Engl.: leather flower, vasevine.
Bot. syn.: Clematis beadlei (Small) Erickson, Clematis gattingeri Small, Coriflora beadlei (Small) W. A. Weber, Coriflora gattingeri (Small) W. A. Weber, Coriflora viorna (L.) W. A. Weber, Viorna beadlei Small, Viorna flaccida (Small) Small, Viorna gattingeri (Small) Small, Viorna ridgwayi Standl., Viorna viorna (L.) Small.

Clematis virginiana

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Clematis virginiana L.
Engl.: common virgin's bower, devil's darning needles, ladies' bower, love vine, traveler's ivy, virgin's bower.

Clematis vitalba

Clematis vitalba L.
Engl.: traveler's joy, wild clematis, bind-with, climbers, evergreen clematis, hedge-vine, ladies' bower, love vine, old-man's-beard, smoke wood, virgin's bower, white vine, wild vine.
Deu.: Gewöhnliche Waldrebe.
Sven.: skogsklematis.
Suom.: saksankärhö.

Clematis viticella

Clematis viticella L.
Engl.: Italian vine bower, purple clematis, blue clematis, Italian leather flower.
Deu.: Italienische Waldrebe.
Sven.: italiensk klematis.
Suom.: viinikärhö.
Bot. syn.: Viticella viticella (L.) Small.

Clematis x eriostemon

Clematis x eriostemon Decne.
Suom.: kellokärhö.
Bot. syn.: See Clematis integrifolia x viticella.

Clematis x jackmanii

Clematis x jackmanii T. Moore.
Engl.: Jackman clematis.
Sven.: jackmanklematis.
Suom.: jalokärhö.
Bot. syn.: Clematis lanuginosa x viticella.

Photo: Clematis 0.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Clematis.

Closeup of flowers. Vantaa, Finland. Planted. 1999-08-23.

Photo: Clematis 4.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Clematis 4.

Bright red flowers in a nice line, along the ground. Viikki rosario, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2001-08-14.

Photo: Clematis 3.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Clematis 3.

Light purple flower, closeup. Viikki rosario, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2001-08-14.

Photo: Clematis 2.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Clematis 2.

Light purple flower, flowering plant. Viikki rosario, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2001-08-14.

Photo: Clematis 1.

Botanical name: 
Photo: Clematis 1.

Plant climbing up, completely ignoring its climbing thingy. Purple flowers. Viikki rosario, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 2001-08-14.

Clematis tincture

Botanical name: 

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