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30 Ways to Silliness

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That sounds so much better than "30 ways to stillness".

The title is stolen from notageek - ta muchly!

Silliness is all about letting your inner child out. It helps if you also stop thinking "what are others thinking about me doing this?".

I did a very nice post on it years ago, on one or the other mailing list. Ah yes, found it.

That's 24 ways, if all of those are counted.

Here's a few more:

1) Make the newly formed ice on puddles go "tinkle" and "crash".
2) Make newly fallen acorns go "crack", or "pop".
3) Make blowguns from umbellifer stalks. (That's easy and all that, but there are some things to watch out for. I'll add hints'n'tips later.)
4) Make whistling pipes from umbellifer stalks.
5) Make water guns from umbellifer stalks. (The how-to for that is upcoming, just as soon as I grow a third hand to hold the camera with.)
6) Make radish mice.
7) Make silly tracks in the snow.
8) Count out "loves me, loves me not" on a daisy, and when the flower says "not", have him stop the car so you can get a better flower. Repeat until the flower oracle gets it right.
9) Blow dandelion fluff into pristine gardens.
10) Scare pheasants into flying off.
11) Make short-lived tattoos using various plant saps.
12) Throw a big dinner and serve lego candy with the coffee'n'cognac, instead of the usual dainty chocolates. Snigger.
13) Put pics of rude seedpods on the web.
14) When babysitting 5-10 year olds (or so) ask mum beforehand if there's ketchup for the food. Then scandalize the nicely brought-up kids by writing their names on their food. (It doesn't help to ask them not to tell their mum about it ... they never had ketchup when I arrived, ever again.)
15) ...

Please, do feel free to continue the list.


15) When people with kids pick things up at the drive-through window of the pharmacy, make faces at the kids in the back seat while the parents are signing slips.

16) Give the dog a full-body mohawk.

17) Talk very carefully around the indicated condition.

18) Fetch a fake rooster from the front end of the store. Show everyone in the pharmacy your cock. Balance a tub of analgesic cream on top of it and complain that you got capsaicin on your cock.

19) Spray your co-workers with the canned air.

Snigger. Especially on # 16 and 18.