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Hare droppings ...

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Or ... are they?

This is what you get when you pour dandelion (Taraxacum off.) powder onto a few tablespoons of liquid honey, mix until you get a fairly hard dough, make into hare dropping -sized smallish balls, and throw them into a bowl of not-quite-powdered licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Cool, no?

Hare droppings. Almost.Pic: Hare droppings. Almost.

I took the picture pretty much immediately after we had rolled those pills.

And of course I had forgotten that the honey almost oozes moisture out of the pills by the following morning, so I had to remove these pills from their nice box, unstick them from one another, and roll them in another (smalish) batch of dandy root powder + almost licorice powder, so that they'd stay pills, not stuck-together-whatnots. "Nikt" - that is, clubmoss (Lycopodium) spores, might help, but alas, I haven't gotten around to testing that yet.

A hint of citric acid in the rolling powder helped with the taste. I'll try nettle seed honey pills next, and, you never know, I might even put up a photo of real hare droppings, one of these weeks ...

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I've found that if i dehydrate the honey pills with the pilot lite in the oven, or in a dehydrator for a night( i use the oven method) they harden up quite nicely and dont melt into sticky blobs. My ginger fennel honey pills stay nicely in a jar and I can pull one or two out as needed!

Fennel ginger, eh? Thanks!