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Honey pills.

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They look a lot like hare droppings.

A lot. Especially if the licorice "powder" you roll'em in isn't quite powdery.

Last month, Paul Bergner wrote a post to the herblist about honey pills:

"A very active form [of taking herbs] with all the constituents is recently powdered herb decocted in hot honey. The hot honey is the consistency of water. You get as much powder into it as you can, sort of like adding flour to water to make bread dough. When the honey cools, it thickens and you get a paste. You can roll this into honey pills, roll them in licorice powder etc".

And I was away teaching again, last week. And I had some herbal powders, vacuum packed: a bulk herb house had sent me powders instead of the cut'n'sifted I'd ordered, months and months ago.

So we heated honey in a waterbath and poured three different herbal powders into three different bowls: ground ivy (Glechoma), raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus) and dandelion root (Taraxacum).
I had almost-powdered licorice root, and one of the students had "mallow flower", that is, Hibiscus sabdariffa fruiting bodies - you know, the deep red sour stuff. Jamaica. Roselle. Karkade. Whatever you like to call it, it's not mallow flowers, nevermind what they sell it as over here.

And we made hare-dropping-sized honey pills and threw them into bowls with either licorice "powder" or ground-up karkade -- or a mix of both. And a bit of dandelion root powder for the dandelion pill coating, cos we were running out of pre-ground licorice powder.

The raspberry leaf powder tasted ghastly: it was extremely astringent.
The ground ivy was rather good.
And the dandelion root, mmm. The dandelion root was tasty. That one had roselle in the licorice powder. It was comparatively yum - not really something you'd pop as a candy, but not something you'd try your best to avoid taking.

Dunno how you'd make the raspberry pills tastier - perhaps by adding something soothing, like mallow leaf (or flower, or root) powder?

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Why do you want to eat raspberry leaves? Seems that eating the berry & drinking raspberry leaf tea works well and tastes just great.

Because I had the powder, and eating the leaf works as well as drinking the tea.