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Honey pills again

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Don't use just sifted herb.

I was teaching how to make honey pills to some beekeepers, and thought that nettle seed (Urtica dioica), straight out of the jar, would work as well as the powders I'd tried before.


If it's larger than a coarse powder, the pills just won't roll, the honey doesn't make the stuff stick to itself - it doesn't work.

Also, the honeyed dried herb tastes all too rough.

So we zapped the dried herb in a blender and mixed that into heated honey. Mmmm for nettle seed honey pills!

The discarded honeyed dried herb? I zapped that in a blender, as well, with liberal added nettle seed powder. I didn't really think that it'd work - it'd just roll around in there in one big mess - but woot, I got honey pill material instead. Cool!

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