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Summer business

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Busy busy busy ...

I'd love to regale you all with posts about the various peppers you can put into pepper mills (I've quite a collection of them), about my bird-proof basil cage (a pheasant female thought the newly turned earth was the bees knees, but she can't get at that patch anymore), about Herbes de Provence (those dozens of different recipes don't have all that much in common) and other herbal condiments, and about a multitude of other things.

Alas, I'm busy writing 40 pages about culinary herbs for a gardening book. In Finnish. It's very nice work, but unfortunately it doesn't leave me a lot of creative juices for the blog.

The deadline for this manuscript is the end of August. I'll be totally off the net for 2 weeks before that, off teaching for another three weeks, and off on a jaunt to northern Norway for a few days - all before the end of August.

You see where this is heading? Things will continue to be slow until September. I'll write more blogposts as and when I find the time and energy for it.



You realize that you could just whack your keyboard with a few dried sprigs of parsely and I'd read it, right?

Fear not, if I long for your wit or wisdom, I've got a few hundred, well indexed posts I can delve through.

Have fun!

Aww. Shucks.