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I've added a few herbal blogs to my sidebar (a "blogroll"), right over there --->.

Rebecca Hartman's blog posts are outright shining. If you wanted to know the difference between different kinds of insomnia, head right on over to her Herbwife's Kitchen.

And Kiva Rose does in-depth posts about various herbs found in her neck of the woods. Go check out her writing about various Salvias and a few Artemisias at the Medicine Woman's Roots.

Darcey's (aka Shamana Flora) blog was in my blog roll before this post, but she has moved to the Rocky Mountains, and has changed blog name. Hopefully she'll entertain us with posts about plants local to her - and about her studies at the NAIMH, at Gaia's Gifts.
(Where are those old blog posts, Darcey? All gone, gone, gone?)

These aren't in my blogroll:
Paul Bergner has done two posts about herbal legends over at Herban Legends. I'll add it to the sidebar as soon as the updating frequency is more often than once every 2 years or so.

Andrea's tincture blog is very good, but she's stopped updating it. If she starts again I'll add that to my herbal blogs listing. Go read her first few posts over at Planted in Alcohol.

Susun Weed's Wise Woman Wisdom blog isn't about herbs - it's to tell people that Susun can be daunting, that she has a temper, and that she sells things. (Update 2018: I'm told Susun is downright abusive, which is something completely different from having a temper. Read more here.)

If I were to do a "best herbal blog for January", Rebecca would take the prize. Good show, do carry on!
And Kiva takes second place. Well done that herb woman!


Yay for Kiva!Her and her canyon plants are wonderful wise!
The old posts are all there, and there's a link to the very first blog in the first blog post.

Oh my goodness! (Blushing bright red.) Thank you Henriette! Your blog was my inspiration to start blogging.

hey... did you raid the new blog listings on my links page?

These look familiar...

Oh, and I would add my fellow Vermont herbalist Guido Masé's blog "A Radicle" to the list. It can be found at .

Wow, thank you Henriette... I didn't have any idea you'd even SEEN my blog.... and by the way, I've done multiple pieces on Susun Weed's Wise Woman blog, they're just a bit buried (click on Green Woman or Kiva Rose in the headings and you'll get all the pieces I've written).... More articles on "getting" herbs soon to find their way to my blog too. Thank you again!

Cool, Darcey! I'll go have a look when I'm back home, come the weekend.
You deserved that, Rebecca, your posts are great.
It's possible that I picked a few of them from your list, Jim, but some I found on my own.
I'll go read your other wise woman posts this weekend, Kiva. Looking forward to the "getting" herbs things, too little is written about that.

Hi, I was reading through your herbal blogs to see if you had any information on ADD my son who is 11 years old was diagnosed about a year ago. My husband and I did not want to put him on "medication", but he isn't staying focused in school so I was looking for info. There are some remedies that I found on the internet- Hyoscyamus, tuberculinum, arsen iod, and verta alb. these are the ingredients that are in a pill for ADD. Do you know anything about them and if its the right ones to use? Love your site by the way! thanks Angel Hulsberg

Do read up on the difference between herbalism and homeopathy.