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SJW oil.

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... try it for depression, externally.

SJW (St. John's wort, Hypericum perforatum) is all but banned for internal use over here (... pharmaco politics), but SJW oil is freely available - after all, that's used externally, and can't possibly be used as a non-patentable cheap alternative to expensive meds, can it?

Yes, it can. A lady told me last weekend that she's put nicely red SJW oil under the soles of her feet, and started to smile soon after. And that it works even better if you put a salve on top of the oil, but hey, why not use SJW salve to start with? That should work a treat.

Gotta love herbs.

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Lovely! I've been interested in topical applications for herbs lately. It seems like we've been radically underusing that mode of administration...

Aye - and to fully explore that, you might wish to read all about Maurice Messegue's use of herbs.

SJW banned in your country? And I thought Belgium was terrible regarding to herbs.
I work as a psychiatrist in a psychiatric hospital, and last year during one of the lectures on antidepressives, there was quite a (positive) chapter about SJW. (OK, the use was not really promoted, but it's effectiveness was stressed)

You can only buy pills of SJW, and only in pharmacies. Tinctures are right out, and health food stores? Pffft.
All of which is simply the strong arm of pharmaco money, showing in Finnish medical legislation.