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Trying to get pregnant?

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If you can't get preggers, there are several things you can do.

One is, quite a lot of infertility issues are linked to syndrome x, and the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that comes with that. Get rid of the underlying problem and your infertility goes away. (Read the syndrome x information on this site.).

One is, the problem might lie with your partner. Get him to ditch tight trousers, and to do quite a lot of vitamin C every day. He'll also benefit from taking either zinc or foods which are high in zinc.

One is, if you look like Barbie and are stressed to the max, you won't have a harmonious set of hormones. Try to step things down a few notches (both exercise and stress-wise), you might be surprised.

One is, you might be afraid. Possibly not of getting preggers, but of what your life will look like once the new member of the family has arrived. Talk to recent moms and ask them about their take on continuing to do things which really are important to them. Make arrangements to get OUT once a week, if necessary before you even try to start getting preggers - have your extended family (or your true friends) promise to babysit forever more, or find a babysitter. Or fix things in other ways - it's doable, if you first admit to there being something stopping you.
(You might never want that once-a-week off, but it's good to arrange it anyway, in case you do need to get away from it all every now and then.)

Herbs, then: Jim McD says that people who use carrot flowers and seeds (Daucus carota) as their contraceptive of choice get preggers immediately -- if they ever forget to take their carrot tincture. Which is why I've told a few ladies to do carrot flower'n'seed tincture daily, stopping for about a week around their fertile days, and stopping during bleeding, too.

One lady blamed my fresh lily flower tincture (any Lilium will do), mixed with a fresh peony root tincture (any old-fashioned Paeonia will do), for her baby daughter ... she used to have routine d'n'c:s (I didn't ask), they didn't usually use contraceptives after those, and she got pregnant after one such d'n'c. She blamed the tincture I'd given her for her severe menstrual cramps. I said "congrats", cos really, what else could I have said?

And of course, both raspberry leaf and lady's mantle strengthens the uterus, which helps you to get pregnant.

Ladies who try to get preggers should also do loads of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. A Cananananadian study found that various birth defects were lowered by 33 - 63 % from doing not only folic acid but also other vitamins (the rest of the Bs, C, D), fats (fish oil etc.), minerals (magnesium, zinc, chromium) for things like harelip, waterhead, and a host of other problems. Folic acid of course fends off spina bifida, which can be truly bad, and can be just annoying. Most of those are also included in the syndrome x dance - really, it makes sense to go that route if you're aiming for descendants.

There. Anything I forgot?


I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. It has spread into my lymphatic system. I am opting not to do chemo. I haven't long to live and I cannot see spending all my time at doctors and hospitals. Any herbal suggestions. Quite poor, if it matters, no health care coverage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Would like to live as much quality as I can.

This is a blog, not a discussion board. Try the herblist, if you want suggestions. Or find a herbalist close to you to work with, in person, against payment, nevermind poor - most herbalists are accomodating on the payment front.

In Midsayap, North Cotabato, Philippines the treatment is simple: regular intake of three (3) fresh fruits -

1. papaya,
2. pineapple, and
3. water melon

for six months to one year.

One slice papaya in the morning, one slice pineapple at noon, and one slice water melon in the evening. The bigger the slice, the better. (This is my opinion).

I got this from the 88 year old mother of a pharmacist. Her daughter died of ovarian cancer that spread to other organs of her body because she did not follow her mother's advice and opted to use her pharmaceutical know-how and western medicine...not the ancient remedy of her hometown in the island of Mindanao.

My conclusion is that the papase and bromelaine from the papaya and pineapple dissolved the tumor and the diuretic effect of the watermelon washed the toxins away. But this is my common sense observation, not the scientific know how of my scientist uncles.

Please Note: There is No Therapeutic Claim for the process and proceed at your own risk. The fruits are enjoyable to eat anyway, he...he...he...

I've seen excellent results with daily use of red clover blossoms. Every year at Common Ground Fair there is at least one woman, if not more, who comes into our booth with a baby in a backpack, or front pack, and tells me she used my fertility formula, and is so grateful that it worked! Last year a woman and her husband came in trailing a mess of kids behind them. She told me, "Gail 7 years ago I came to you for problems with conceiving. You gave me your fertility formula, and look what happened!" Behind her were five kids, all about a year or so apart! Red clover blossoms, taken daily as an infusion (2-4 cups daily) or the tincture, 20-30 drops 3 times daily is a reliable fertility enhancer in my 30+ years experience.

For men - essential oil of rose stimulates sperm motility and increases male fertility. If its the male having problems fertilizing the female, I've seen e.o of rose work miracles, especially when combined with daily doses of American ginseng.

Many thanks for that, Gail!

And they wanted to have a baby soon. She's asking me what herbs would help her get pregnant quicker. I must admit I'm really not very knowledgeable in that department. Thanks for you post, I'll forward this to her.


I remember you saying that you used clivers instead of chamelirium so wouldn't you add that to an infertility mix?

I use cleavers as a lymphatic and for urinary tract infections - and I haven't ever used chamaelirium (an exotic which, as far as I'm aware, is endangered over its entire range). Perhaps you're thinking of somebody else?

Ask where they sell that. Or simply eat liver.

Hi, you mentioned the essential rose oil for men fertility/sperm motility but how do they use it?? Do they have to consume the rose oil?? Drink it?? Thanks!!!