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Mystery berry

Botanical name: 

'kay, what are these?

They're tasty, tart and mealy (after frost), and I know what they are. Do you?

Clusters of small red berries.Pic: Clusters of small red berries.

These berry clusters grow on largish bushes, perhaps 2 m tall, and the bushes are covered in red berries. I picked these yesterday, but I'm going back before the frost really hits to get enough for a berry sauce, or jam, or similar.

Oh, and these bushes aren't wild in Finland, they're planted.


Update 14Oct2005: Nobody? Oh alright, it's a crabapple, Malus toringo var. sargentii.


So, no update on the fruits of curiousity?

Oh. Right. The update is up now.

ok then ==" wow how weird things are.. someone told me something about a mystery berry? then typed it in google and get soemthing about guessing wat the berry is ...greaaat..

That's because I have a nice page rank.