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Lifestyle troubles.

It's fascinating just how far our diet will take us.

All severe gut upsets are due to one or the other food(s) (or food group(s)) which we are severely allergic to. Call it Crohn's, call it irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or just call it inflamed gut, it's all due to whatever you've put into your mouth.

Likewise, a lot of joint troubles clear up if you ditch the solanaceous foods, and if that doesn't do the trick, completely ditch milk and/or gluten. There's dozens of labels for the various kinds of rheumatisms, but actually a lot of them are just symptoms of food sensitivities. Some people tell me that "it's genetic, my mom had it too" - right, I ask, what are both you and your mom severely sensitive to, then?

A herbalist said, on a list for herbalists only, that she hadn't seen a single case of interstitial cystitis that hadn't cleared up when all dairy was removed from the diet.

She said that most cases of asthma cleared up with a completely dairy-free diet, as well.

Of course, the otitis of kids clears up rather fast once the foods which encourage mucus production are ditched: white sugar (and sweets), milk, and white flour. The mechanisms behind this are quite simple, and I'll explain that in another blogpost soonish.

And a lot of recurrent cystitis can be traced to a wonky sugar metabolism, and the sugar binges which follow that. Help the liver, and the sugar cravings go away.

Paul Bergner said, on the herblist, that he hadn't seen a single case of "normal" hypothyroid that hadn't cleared up when treated as a symptom of syndrome x: that is, ditch the carbs, start to exercise, and do needed minerals.
He did add that autoimmune hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) didn't respond to this regimen.

Also, about 60 % (I think) of hypertension and most if not all polycystic ovaries clear up when treated as syndrome x.

Paul also said that most if not all people with hyperthyroid got well when they stopped eating all and any unfermented soy products. (Also see Avoiding soy.)

Sleep apnea is connected to either syndrome x or to one or the other food intolerance, but I forget which ... and right now I can't find my notes on it.

Feel free to add your observations in the comments.

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Asthma and eczema (atopic dermatitis) run in families, as do other atopic disorders. Not as indvidual disorders, but as a family propensity to atopy. So if Kid has asthma, get the eczematous parent off dairy, too. My textbook advises that "dietary restrictions cause much disruption of patient lifestyle with little reliable benefit". Yeah, because not everyone has the same sensititivities--but otherwise it's steroids, steroids and more steroids. Whee!

Speaking of atopy, have you seen this?

Plus dry maize (cornbread, tortilla chips) as another trigger. Gives my whole sibling group horrible characteristic eczema. Why couldn't it have been Brussels sprouts? Sigh.

Thanks for pointing out that atopy stems from one or the other dietary sensitivity; up here, that's mostly dairy, but you can get hit with gluteny foods as well. I'm not surprised at maize in the states, cos that's in pretty much everything over there.


The book-based-on-a-study you link to ("The association between atopic disorders and depression -- The Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort Study. Markku Timonen, 2003.") says that there's a connection between depression and atopy.

There's several ways this could work, and one of the more obvious ones is, you have an inflammation, you use up your magnesium - and possibly other things you need to procude dopamine and other hormones you need for a balanced life.

Dunno if obvious = correct hypothesis, but to anybody with atopy: do the food sensitivity tests, you'll be doing yourself a favor.