033-036 White-Archangel, Woody Night-Shade, Broad-leaved Plantain, Borrage.

033 White Archangel. 033c White Archangel. 33. White-Archangel or Dead-Nettle. Lamium Album or Urtica mortua.

1. The Stalks grow to be a Foot high; the Leaves are a dark Green and the Flowers White.
2. It grows by Hedges, and flowers in April and May.
3. The Flowers are accounted a Specific against the Fluor albus, and are frequently made use of in a Conserve or Decoction for that purpose, which is to be continued for some time. Some recommend this Plant as of Great use against the King's-Evil, and all scrophulous Swellings. The officinal Preparation is, the Conserve of the Flowers.
4. Greek, Γαλίοψις. Latin, Lamium album, or Urtica mortua. Spanish, Ortica muerta. Italian, Ortica fetida, or Ortica morta. French, Ortie. German, Daubnessel. Dutch, Dood Netelen.

034 Woody Night Shade. 034c Woody Night Shade. 34. Woody Night-Shade, or Bitter-Sweet. Solanum lignosum, or Dulca mara.

Also see #034, Woody Night-Shade - #107, Night-Shade

1. This Species of Night-Shade has many long ash-coloured Branches, that climb up upon any thing it grows near to: the Leaves are a deep Green, and the Flowers Purple.
2. It grows in most Heges & watery Places, and flowers in May and Iune.
3. The Leaves and Twigs are used, and are commended by some against the Dropsy, Jaundice and King's-Evil. Parkinson says it purges violently enough. Prevotius in his Medicine Pauperum commends it as a kindly Evacuator of Bile. Dioscorides commends the Berries as good to take Spots out of the Skin.
4. Greek, Άμπελος αγρία. Latin, Solanum lignosum & Dulca mara. Spanish, -. Italian, Vite salvatica. French, Morele. German, Jelengerje lieber. Dutch, Groote winde.

035 Plantain. 035c Plantain. 35. Broad-leaved Plantain. Plantago latifolia, or Septinervia.

Also see #014, Narrow-leaved Plantain - #035, Broad-leaved Plantain.

1. The Stalks of this Plantain grow to be eight Inches high; the Flowers are a whitish Colour.
2. It grows by Way-sides and Meadows, and flowers in May.
3. Plantain is cold, dry, and binding; usefull in all kinds of Fluxes and Haemorrhages, as spiting & vomiting of Blood, bleeding at the Nose, the Excess of the Catamenia or Lochia. It is likewise esteemed god for the involuntary making of Urine, its Heat and Sharpness, & the Gonorrhea; it helps to stop ye bleeding of Wounds & consolidate their Lips. The officinal Preparation is the Simple distilled Water.
4. Greek, Αρνόγλωσον. Latin, Plantago latifolia, or Septinervia. Spanish, Lhantem or Tamehagem. Italian, Piantagine or Centinerbia. French, Plantain. German, Megrich. Dutch, Weeg bree.

036 Borrage. 036c Borrage. 36. Borrage. Borrago, or Buglossum.

1. It grows to be 18 Inches high, the Leaves are a grass Green, and the Flowers Purple.
2. It grows frequently as a Weed in Gardens, and is often found wild near Houses and upon Walls; and flowers in Iune.
3. The Leaves are esteemed cordial, comforting the Heart, preventing Faintness & Melancholy. The Tops are much used in Wine & Cool-Tankards. They are accounted Alexipharmic, and good in malignant Fevers. The Flowers are one of the four Cordial Flowers. The officinal Preparation is the Conserve of the Flowers. Matthiolus recommends the whole Plant distilled, as good for ye Inflammations of the Eyes, whether inwardly or outwardly applied.
4. Greek, Βούγλοστον. Latin, Borrago, or Buglossum. Spanish, Borraja, Borrajenes, Borrajes. Italian, Borragine. French, Borrache. German, Burretsch. Dutch, Bernaasje.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).