133-136 Love-Apple, Mastich Time or Herb Mastich, Buckthorn, Black or Stinking Horehound.

133 Love Apple. 133c Love Apple. Text page 034. 133. Love-Apple. Amoris Pomum.

1. The Stalks grow to be two Foot high, the Leaves are a light yellowish Green, and the Flowers yellow.
2. It is sowen in Gardens, and flowers in Iuly, the Fruit being ripe in September.
3. Love Apple outwardly applyed is esteemed cooling and moistning, good for Inflammations & Erysipelas; the Juice is commended in hot Defluctions of Rheum upon the Eyes. In Italy they eat them with Oil and Vinegar as we do Cucumbers.
4. Greek. Στρύχνον κηπαιον. Latin. Pomum Amoris. Solanum pomiferum. Spanish. Italian. Pomo d'Oro. French. Pommes d'Amours. German. Gold Apffell. Dutch.

134 Mastich Time. 134c Mastich Time. 134. Mastich Time or Herb Mastich. Marum vulgare.

Also see #134. Mastich Time - #211. Thyme

1. It grows to be a Foot high, the Leaves are a deep Green, and the Flowers white.
2. It is planted in Gardens, and flowers in Iune and Iuly.
3. It is much of the Nature of Marjoram; Some commend it for the too great Flux of the Catamenia, a Drachm of the Powder being given in rough Wine.
Dioscorides commends a Decoction of the Leaves as good for the Dropsy, when it has not got too great a Head; and the Leaves mixt with Honey as good for removing the Blackness of any Bruise.
4. Greek. Σαμψικον κι Αμαγακος. Latin, Marum vulgare. Sampfuchus. Spanish. Majorana. Italian. Majorana gentile. French. Marone gentil. German. Megeran. Dutch Mastick ruykende Marum.

135 Buckthorn. 135c Buckthorn. 135. Buckthorn. Rhamnus catharticus. Spina cervina.

Also see #152, Black Alder.

1. This Bush has Branches full of long stiff Thorns, the Leaves are a yellowish Green, and the Flowers yellow.
2. It grows in Woods & Hedges; flowers in Iune: and the Berries are ripe in September.
3. The Juice of the Berries purges serous watery Humours, and is esteem'd good for the Gout, Dropsy, Jaundice, Scurvy, Itch, and all manner of Eruptions in the Skin.
The Officinal Preparation is the Syrupus é Spina Cervina.
4. Greek Ραμνος. Latin Rhamnus catharticus. Spina Cervina. Spanish Scambrones. Italian. Spino merlo, or Spino cervino. French Burguespin or Neprun. German. Begdorn. Dutch. Rhymbesien.

136 Black Horehound. 136c Black Horehound. 136. Black or Stinking Horehound. Marrubium nigrum. Ballote.

1. The Stalks grow to be two Foot high, the Leaves are a dark Green, and the Flowers a blue Purple.
2. It grows by High Ways and Hedges, flowring for several Months in the Summer.
3. Dioscorides says the leaves beaten with Salt, and applyed to the Wound, cures the Bite of a Mad Dog; and the Iuce mixt with Honey is good to cleanse foul Ulcers. Doctor Bowle commends it as a singular Remedy against Hysteric & Hypochondriac Affections.
4. Greek. Βαλλωτι. Latin. Marrubium nigrum or Ballote. Spanish. Marrojo negro. Italian. Marrobio bastardo. French. Marruben noir. German. Schwarts Andorn. Dutch. Sewart Andooron.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).