Sage of Vitue.

Botanical name: 

Also see Red Sage - Sage of Vitue - Wood Sage.

Salvia minor.

Another shrubby plant, very like the former in its manner of growth, but wanting its red colour. It is a foot or two in height, and very bushy. The stem is woody. The branches are numerous. The leaves are oblong, narrower than in common sage, :md of a whitish green colour: there is often a pair of small leaves at the base of each larger. The flowers grow in the same manner as in the red sage, but they are smaller. The whole plant has a pleasant smell.

The green tops are used; and their virtues are much the same with those of the former, but they are less. It got into use from an opinion that the other was too hot, but this was idle.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.