Therapeutic facts.

Quick Restoration of Consciousness.

Here is a therapeutic suggestion which I consider too good to lose: For fourteen years I have brought unconscious drunkards—"dead drunks"—to consciousness immediately by pressing the balls of my thumbs simultaneously into the two supra orbital notches of the patient. The pressure is continued for perhaps two minutes, hard enough to enable me to feel the pulse in both of the notches.

Not until last week did it occur to me to use the same method on the "'lepsies." One was a cataleptic and the other an epileptic patient. They were brought to my notice two days apart. I succeeded in restoring consciousness almost at once by this method—that is, it did not require over five or six minutes' pressure in either case.

I hope that every policeman may get next to this humane method for awakening the unfortunate drunkards. I was for many years at the head of a "jag cure" establishment and I sympathize with those lapsed brethren.

Wishing long life and prosperity to Dr. Finley Ellingwood and his journal, I beg to be enrolled as his well-wisher.

W. C. ROBY, M. D.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.