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In the treatment of syphilis my prescription that I have used for many years is the following:

Tincture of iodin drs. 2
Tincture of phytolacca drs. 2
Echinacea oz. ½
Simple syrup, q. s ozs. 4

Mix. Give one teaspoonful four times each day. I have obtained the very best of results from this simple combination. I have noticed no return of any symptoms of the disease and no transmitted effects.

I use this same prescription in the treatment of erysipelas. I give it as above, but I use externally the fluid extract of veratrum freely applied over the entire diseased surface.

I am seventy-seven years of age, have been in active practice for fifty years and I believe I have been of more service to suffering humanity than a preacher could have been.

W. H. BLACK, M. D.

COMMENT: It would be necessary for any physician to use the above prescription for a long period with invariably good results to give him the confidence in it which Dr. Black seems to have. The doctor makes no distinction between his cases, but claims that this combination has cured every case among many hundred which he has treated during a period of nearly forty years. Such success is unusual, and most physicians are inclined to be skeptical concerning the action of a single prescription like the above. There is no doubt that the doctor knows whereof he speaks.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.