Several Clinical Facts.


The nocturnal variety of incontinence of urine is often cured by administering the one-five hundredth of a grain of sulphate of atropine, night and morning, increasing the dose a little every few days. When the physiologic effects become manifest, or when some improvement takes place, maintain the dose for a week, then gradually reduce.

Other non medical auxiliary measures at the same time are helpful. Among them are sleeping on a hard mattress, elevation of the foot of the bed, prohibition, or at least limitation of the amount of fluids taken at supper time, cold sponging to the lumbar and perineal regions, waking the child an hour often going to sleep, and an hour before rising, to empty the bladder.

In the treatment of palpitation, about one-sixtieth of a grain of strychnine arsenate before meals and one-thirtieth of digitalin two hours after has given results, in a number of cases which I have been called upon to prescribe for.

In persistent vomiting, a few cases have yielded to codeine, one-fourth of a grain usually suffices, though the dose may be repeated if necessary.

Tinea versicolor, may be cured by washing the parts morning and evening with green soap and warm water, and then applying the following as needed:

Sodii hyposulphitis drs. 6
Aqua dist. ozs. 4


In the constipation of convalescence, especially in children, I have given relief by having the patient eat a prune three or four times a day, which was previously stewed in an infusion of senna leaves, as advised in Ellingwood's Materia Medica.

Chronic constipation due to deficient excretion is aided by the application of a good lubricant. Water given freely with a little sodium bicarbonate to prevent excessive absorption, is a good auxiliary; cascara sagrada in from two to ten drop doses three or four times a day gradually decreased is good.

When due to enervation or deficient muscular action, massage to abdomen, sponging of the spine and abdomen with cold water each morning with the addition of a stimulating laxative, I find that Dr. Waugh's laxative in gradually decreasing dose is often curative.

In pediculosis capitis saturate the hair two or three times a day with ordinary petroleum, and keep it wrapped during twenty-four hours. Then wash it with soap and warm water twice a day, followed with an application of tincture of cocculus indicus, usually full strength, dry and saturate with official ointment of ammoniated mercury, or blue ointment.

The free inunction of the blue ointment or a ten per cent oleate of mercury ointment, or the petroleum salve of Kaposi alone is effectual. Kaposi's salve is made in the following manner:

Petroleum 5 parts
Olive oil 2 parts
Balsam peru 1 part

For herpes zoster, use the following treatment:

Resorcin grs. 30
Alcohol (90 per cent) ozs. 3

Mix and apply freely.

Later boric acid in solution is a good application. Morphine sulphate from five to ten grains to the ounce of collodion applied over the lesions, aids much in controlling pain if present.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.