Ad: Cozy Cab.

Ad: Cozy Cab.

Keep Dry, Warm, Well, In a Winter-Proof, Storm-Tight- Comfort-Sure Cozy Cab

Doctor, secure yourself against the weather dangers that beset you while you make your long drives and fatiguing round of calls.

Your patients' welfare requires it--your own interests demand it. The Physician's Cozy Cab is a guarantee of Comfort - Convencience - Health absolutely proof against driving winter storms and summer showers. Warm in winter but perfectly ventilated. As cool as a canopy-top in summer. Three simple, one-hand movements convert it from open to closed, or closed to open, in four seconds, without dropping reins, stopping horse or leaving seat. Fine in appearance and heartily endorsed by physicians for its practical use in all climates--Newfoundland to Mexico. Send for testimonials from your State.

No detachable parts whatsoever--no storm aprons or side curtains to be lost or left behind when most needed. Cozy Cab protection is always with you but out of sight when not in use. View on every side. Light weight, light running.

A doctor will live longer: I have tried your storm buggy in all kinds of weather. I like __ the __ any I have tried. It keeps the cold out, and winds, and rain. It __ a doctor in better humor when he goes to see his patients. ... A doctor will live longer by keeping the cold winds away. A. A. Washhum, M. D., __, __.

Catalogue O. C. sent free. Contains detailed descriptions and illustrations of the Cozy Cab and nine other styles of physicians' vehicles from $75.00 up. Use coupon in corner. /p>

Coupon: Please send me your catalogue giving full information about Cozy Cabs.

Fouts & Hunter Co., 181 South Third St., Terre Haute, Ind.

This image is from Ellingwood's Therapeutist, January 1908.