Ad: Dependable Dosage tablets.

Ad: Dependable Dosage tablets.

Dependable Dosage

Doctor, which would you prefer were you in the place of your patient -- a big, bitter, nasty, nauseating dose of an uncertain galenical preparation or a mathematically exact dose inthe shape of elegant soluble granules or tablets which please the eye and do not offend the smell or taste, and which may be depended upon to do the same thing upon every occasion with certainty of result?

The Alkaloidal Granule, uniform, active and potent, contains a mathematically correct and therapeutically exact quantity of the pure active principle or principles of the drug it represents, each carrying the minimum effective dose. It is always ready; it may be given alone, in multiple dosage, or in combination with synergistics. It is swallowed easily by the most fastidious invalid or the very young child and produces results in less time than any other known form of medicine; it may readily be dissolved if desired. Enough of Abbott's Alkaloidal Granules can be carried in the pocket to enable the doctor to use at once any remedy necessary in all emergency practice.

Any possible combination can be dispensed at once (in solution if wished) without delay, without the possibility of mistake, overdose or uncertainty of effect.

One hour's study of our special works on this subject will give any physician a good working knowledge of any active principle--it's uses, dosage (the only real basis for dosage being effect), therapeutic indications, recognition of full or remedial action, and beginning of toxic effects; and the doctor's own knowledge (his own good sense) does all the rest. He doesn't have to unlearn anything, he simple engrafts his new knowledge on the old, leaves the crooked pathways of uncertainty--or nihilism--and goes straight ahead.

If you prescribe and want the best, use the active principles, specify ABBOTT'S, and see that you get them. If you dispense you can dispense nothing better, and nothing is too good for the doctor. Well grounded in the principles of therapeutic truth, with a case of tiny active-principle granules or tablets in his pocket, the physician is ready to meet, with the powder to control it, any emergency that may arise.

Our goods are right, right from start to finish, and we stand behind them--guarantee them in every particular--and always are ready with "money back if not satisfied".

Our line is obtainable from jobbers in drugs, on prescription at first-class pharmacies, or direct from our laboratories or branches. Specify what you want and get it! Pocket Case and Samples Free.

If you are unacquainted with our line representative samples will be sent free on request. Add _ cents for postage and we will include Free a neat, lather 6-vial pocket case filled with representative granules. Aconitine, Calomel, Digitalin, Glonoin, Hyoscyamine and Strychnine. Therapeutic price-list and Alkaloidal Digest, a 300-page book of condensed essential facts will be included. Write today, say what you want and mention this Journal.

The Abbott Alkaloidal Co.

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This image is from Ellingwood's Therapeutist, January 1908.