Abies picea. Silver pine.

Botanical name: 

Also see: Abies balsamea. Balm of Gilead. - Abies canadensis. Hemlock spruce. - Abies excelsa. Norway Pine. - Abies larix. Larch. - Abies nigra. Black spruce. Double spruce. - Abies picea. Silver pine.

Nat. Ord. — Pinaceaa. Sex. Syst. — Monoecia Monadelphia.

Strasburgh Turpentine.

Description. — This tree, also known as Silver Fir, grows in the mountains of south and central Europe, and resembles the Abies Balsamea, but differs in not having its bracts so sharp pointed, its cones less acute at each end, and the crest of its anthers pointed. It affords the "Strasburgh Turpentine."

Properties and Uses. — (See Oil of Turpentine.)

The American Eclectic Dispensatory, 1854, was written by John King, M. D.