Abies nigra. Black spruce. Double spruce.

Botanical name: 

Also see: Abies balsamea. Balm of Gilead. - Abies canadensis. Hemlock spruce. - Abies excelsa. Norway Pine. - Abies larix. Larch. - Abies nigra. Black spruce. Double spruce. - Abies picea. Silver pine.

Nat. Ord. — Pinaceae. Sex. Syst. — Monoecia Monadelphia.

Decoction Of Branches. Essence Of Spruce.

Description. — This tree grows in the northern parts of this continent, and in elevated situations in the Middle States. It attains the hight of from forty to seventy feet, having very dark-green leaves, short, erect, rigid, and the cones one or two inches long, reddish-brown, ovate and their scales wavy and toothed at the apex.

Properties. — The extract or Essence of Spruce is made from the young branches, by boiling them in water, straining and evaporating. From this Spruce Beer is made ; an agreeable and not unwholesome summer drink. It is made as follows : Take of essence of spruce half a pint, bruised ginger, pimento, and hops, of each, four ounces, water three gallons. Boil for ten or fifteen minutes, then strain, add of warm water, eleven gallons, molasses, six pints, and yeast, a pint ; mix, and allow the mixture to ferment for twenty-four hours.

The American Eclectic Dispensatory, 1854, was written by John King, M. D.