Fluidextractum Sarsaparillae Compositum. U. S. Compound Fluidextract of Sarsaparilla.

Fldext. Sarsap. Co.

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Extrait liquide de Salsepareille compose, Fr.; Zusammengesetztes Flüssiges Sarsaparillaextrakt, G.

"Sarsaparilla, in No. 20 powder, seven hundred and fifty grammes [or 26 ounces av., 199 grains]; Glycyrrhiza, in No. 20 powder, one hundred and twenty grammes [or 4 ounces av., 102 grains]; Sassafras, in No. 30 powder, one hundred grammes [or 3 ounces av., 231 grains]; Mezereum, in No. 30 powder, thirty grammes [or 1 ounce av., 25 grains]. Mix the powders and prepare a Fluidextract by Type Process B, using a mixture of one hundred mils [or 3 fluidounces, 183 minims] of glycerin, five hundred mils [or 16 fluidounces,, 435 minims] of alcohol and four hundred mils [or 13 fluidounces, 252 minims] of water as Menstruum I, and diluted alcohol as Menstruum II." U. S.

The compound fluidextract is intended to represent, in a concentrated state, the compound decoction of sarsaparilla, having all its ingredients with the exception of the guaiacum wood, which probably adds little to the efficacy of the decoction. It was originally proposed by Wm. Hodgson, Jr. (A. J. P., ii, 285), and the official process differs from his mainly in the omission of the guaiacum wood, the resin of which, separating during the evaporation, somewhat embarrassed the process, without adding to the virtues of the extract. The British Pharm. (1898) "Liquor Sarsae Compositus Concentratus" is of the same strength as the fluidextract of the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, and is made with a menstruum of distilled water with 225 mils of alcohol as a preservative in 1000 mils of finished solution.

Dose, from thirty minims to one fluidrachm (1.8-5.75 mils).

The Dispensatory of the United States of America, 1918, was edited by Joseph P. Remington, Horatio C. Wood and others.