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Capsicum annuum

Capsicum annuum

Capsicum annuum L. Engl.: peppers, bell peper, capsicum pepper, cayenne, cayenne pepper, chile, chili pepper, chilli, cone pepper, Hungarian pepper, Mexican chili, paprika, pod pepper, red pepper, sweet pepper. Deu.: Cayennepfeffer, Chili, Gemüsepaprika, Paprika, Gewürzpaprika, Spanischer Pfeffer. Suom.: cayennepippuri, chilipippuri, paprika, pensaspaprika. Sven.: chili, chilipeppar, paprika, cayenne, cayennepeppar, spansk peppar. Fran.: piment, piment doux, poivron doux. Ital.: peperoncino. Span.: ají, chile, guindilla, pimiento. Bot. syn.: Capsicum cerasiforme Mill., Capsicum cerasiforme Willd., Capsicum cordiforme Mill., Capsicum frutescens Ruiz & Pavon, Capsicum grossum L., Capsicum grossum Willd., Capsicum longum DC.

Photo: Capsicum annuum 3.

Taxonomy extra:
Cayenne, Chili. Plant in fruit. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Planted. 1999-09-21.


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