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Oxalis acetosella

Oxalis acetosella

Oxalis acetosella L. Engl.: wood sorrel, cuckoo-bread, European wood-sorrel, Irish shamrock. Deu.: Sauerklee, Hasenklee, Wald-Sauerklee. Suom.: käenkaali, ketunleipä. Sven.: harsyra, surklöver, gökmat, harväppling. Fran.: oxalide des bois, oxalis petite Oseille, pain de coucou.

No. 68. Oxalis acetosella.

[image:28526 node=28562]Classic texts: Rafinesque 1830.

Photo: Oxalis acetosella 3.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plants. Tapanila, Helsinki, Finland. Wild. 2008-05-08.

Photo: Oxalis acetosella 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Plant with seedpods. Kullaa, Finland. Wild. 2000-08-28.

Photo: Oxalis acetosella.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plants. The leaf is tart and makes a good trail nibble in summer. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1996-05-01.

Photo: Oxalis acetosella 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering plants. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1996-05-01.

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