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Urtica dioica

Urtica dioica

Urtica dioica L. Engl.: common nettle, greater nettle, common stinging nettle, great stinging nettle, nettle, stinging nettle. Deu.: Grosse Brennessel, Brennessel. Suom.: isonokkonen, etelännokkonen, nokkonen. Sven.: brännässla, vanlig brännässla. Fran.: ortie, grande ortie, ortie dioïque, ortie élevée, ortie piquante. Ital.: ortica. Bot. syn.: Urtica californica Greene, Urtica cardiophylla Rydb., Urtica galeopsifolia Wierzb. ex Opiz, Urtica gracilis Ait., Urtica lyallii S. Wats., Urtica major H. P. Fuchs, Urtica procera Muhl. ex Willd., Urtica serra auct. non Blume, Urtica strigossima Rydb., Urtica viridis Rydb.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: John Hill 1812.

Herb of the week: Stinging Nettle.

Botanical name:

Henriette's herbal blog: Herb of the Week: Stinging Nettle.

Blog party post: sexy herbs.

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Henriette's herbal blog: So it's blog party time over at Sean's. And he's chosen "Herbs for Sexual Health and Vitality" as a topic.

Celeriac nettle soup.

Blog categories:
Henriette's herbal blog: a really tasty soup.

Urticaceae. Nokkoskasvit.

Vanhoja tekstejä: Suomen myrkylliset ja lääkekasvit, 1936.


Botanical name:

Henrietten yrttisivut: lehtijuttuja.

Gleanings in Materia Medica.

Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1883. Chemistry of the Nymphaceae, The Tambor (Omphalea cardiophylla), Starch in Belladonna root, Agaricus ruber, A Fatal Dose of Extract of Male Fern, The poison of the stinging nettle, Honey, The Volatile Oil of Sandal-wood.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: Felter 1922.

Urtica. Urtica dioica.

Botanical name:

Classic texts: Ellingwood 1919.

Urtica L. Nokkonen. Nässla.

Vanhoja tekstejä: Flora Fennica. Suomen Kasvio, 1866.


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