Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Tendonitis
From: Clive Arbon <carbon.netmatters.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 20:48:44 +0000

I damaged my arm on July 96. Doctor says tendonitis. 3 months of physiotherapy failed. Injury caused by lifting hay bales, although I also use keyboard. 'Injury' site is where forearm tendons join elbow. Steriod injection by Doctor- useless! Can anyone help please.

From: sherrard.gte.net (Gina Sherrard)

You might try uping your B-6 intake

From: wolf <wschmidt.awinc.com>

> I damaged my arm on July 96.

Clive, I could not lift the bales anymore. My problem was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I could get rid of the pain with "Oleo Mentha" (a pain killer - analgesic) which I produce, but I was looking for a permanent solution. I found it in the following formula:

B6 at 75 mg 3 x per day
Zinc at 50 mg 3 x per day
Cartilage a 5 g 3 x per day

My horses are happy to see me again and my typing is a good as ever.


From: abacaxi.hotmail.com (Tsu Do Nimh)

>I damaged my arm on July 96.

You are not going to like this advice, because people usually land here wanting a quick fix and there isn't one. Assuming they x-rayed to eliminate the possibility of a bone chip, stress fracture, or ripped tendon ...

Number one cure - REST!!!! Do as little as possible with that arm for 6 months or so. Then see what it feel like. Keep it flexible with mild stretching exercises, but that's it. Then PT might do some good.

Mild anti-inflammatories (aspirin), heat or ice (whichever feels better, and "night braces" (big soft cast to keep you form sleeping with your arm in funny positions) might all help, as would capsacain liniments (like Dr. Sloan's), arnica rubs, and aspirin or methylsalicylate rubs ... NOT at the same time!

I have found some relief from echinacea, in doses about 1/4 that recommended for illnesses. It takes a while to kick in, but, I've noticed a definite improvement.

From: rqtball.ix.netcom.com (scott)

wow, everyone is giving advice on different herbs to take but no one has mentioned the best herb to take devils claw!!!! [Harpagophytum procumbens] (Don't use devil's claw. Use one or the other Scrophularia instead. Read this if you want to know why. -Henriette) I play competitive racquetball so I am travelling 20 weeks out of the year and my arm goes through a lot of stress between playing and my weight workouts...devils claw almost COMPLETELY got rid of my tendonitis in my elbow and in my forearm (bicept) this occured in 2 to 3 weeks.........I have had one lady who plays take it for her shoulder..now she can actually play without all the pain...give it a shot...thats ALL I use for it...I have a few prescription drugs which I dont even use anymore!

From: sweetgrass.earthlink.net

If there is inflammation involved, you might try castor oil (rub in allicted area daily) ... make sure your diet is at least adequate in Vitamins C, A&D, and E. Re: Maintenance: more than adequate mineral supply, and good balance of B vitamins.