Scrophularia nodosa

Scrophularia nodosa

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Scrophularia nodosa L.
Engl.: common figwort, knotted figwort, woodland figwort, carpenter's square, figwort, heal-all, scrofula plant, woods figwort.
Deu.: Knotige Braunwurz, Braunwurz, Knotenwurz.
Sven.: flenört, torsnässla, vanlig flenört.
Suom.: syyläruoho, tummasyyläjuuri.
Ital.: scrofularia.

Scrophula, King's evil / 1996

Subject: Scrophula
From: Christopher Hedley
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 01:53:02 GMT

re The Kings Evil

this is generally taken to be TB of the lymph nodes, although traditional diagnosis was a lot less precise than modern and the term probably included any chronic discharging abcess, especially those on the neck.
Lymph node TB secondary to GI TB was quite commonly caught from infected milk.



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