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Things I've jotted down here and there.

It's time to clear out the heap'o notes, collected over the last few months or so.

Note 1:
1) On guys' baldness: it's the solar panel for the balls.
2) Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) makes summer heat easier to bear. (This has to do with water balance, and the kidneys.)

Note 2:
1) You can use the leaf of maral root (Stemmacantha carthamoides) as a hair rinse.
2) You can make spruce shoot syrup (Picea, Pinus, Abies, ...) by layering young shoots with sugar in a glass jar. Leave on a windowsill until the sugar has melted.

... I've done the "let's layer Plantago leaf with sugar in a glass jar" plantain syrup. It didn't work: it was still plantago leaf and sugar (no syrup to be seen) 4 months later. Possibly because that was a very very very dry summer, and the leaves just weren't juicy enough, I don't know.
Anyway, I'm not all that likely to try that method of syrup-making again.

Note 3: Yarrow leaf (Achillea millefolium), crushed, helps with mosquito bites and nettle sting.

Note 4: Milk thistle ("Carduus marianus"), the homeopathic remedy, can be used like milk thistle (Silybum marianum) up to a dilution of D6. (Same plant, different latin names. Homeopaths always were extreme traditionalists ... everybody else changed their latin names 100+ years ago.) (This wouldn't matter were it not for the fact that milk thistle is on the restricted plant list in Finland, whereas the homeopathic remedy is not.)

That's it for now; there'll be more later on.


Why is milk thistle on the restricted plant list in Finland?
I use it frequently and have grown it myself.

The Finnish restricted plant list is mostly political, with a few toxics thrown in: if any medicinal plant gets too much press, either locally or in the world at large, it's added post-haste to that list.

I've got one to add:

A local herbie here, Heidi Knab, told me that Spotted Knapweed flowers will dispel even the most heinous gut-originating dragon breath like nothing else...

I wonder how that works? ... plants are just fascinating.

... wait. Knapweed flowers, as in Centaurea? That's just a simple bitter action, much like blessed thistle. Pretty much any other bitter should work as well.

Where can I find the list of restricted plants in Finland??