009-012 Wood Sage, Sage, White Lilly, Stinging Nettle.

009 Wood Sage. 009c Wood Sage. 9. Wood Sage. Salvia agrestris or Scorodonia.

Also see #047, Marum.

(Some Teucriums contain livertoxic neo-clerodane diterpenoids. Their use is discouraged. --Henriette.)

1. This Plant grows to be two Foot high; its Leaves are greener and broader than the Garden Sage; the Flowers are yellow, with purple Stamina.
2. It grows in Hedges and bushy Places, and flowers in Iuly and August.
3. It is esteemed good for the Gout, Rheumatism, Scurvy & Dropsy; provoking Urine & the Menses; it is an excellent vulnerary Plant, preventing Mortifications & Gangreens.
4. Greek. Σκόρδιον. Latin. Scordium, Salvia agrestris, Scorodonia. Spanish, Scordio. Italian, Scordio. French. Chamaraz. German. Basserbatenig, or Knoblochcraut.

010 Sage. 010c Sage. 10. Sage. Salvia.

Also see #010, Sage. - #071, Sage of Vertue. - #122, Garden Clary.

1. It is planted in Gardens; the Leaves are sometimes a hoary Green, & sometimes a reddish Purple; the Flowers are a bluish Purple; and grows about 18 Inches high.
2. It grows best in dry sharp Ground, and flowers in May and Iune.
3. The Leaves and Flowers are used, as good for all Diseases of the Head and Nerves; they are also diuretic, and good for Obstructions of Urine; and much used in all Sorts of Fevers, in Tea or Posset Drink.
4. Greek, Ελελισφακος. Latin, Salvia, and Salvia hortensis major. Spanish, Salvia and Salva. Italian, Salvia. French, Saulges. German, Salben. Dutch. -.

011 White Lilly. 011c White Lilly. 11. White Lilly. Lilium album.

1. The Lilly grows about four Foot high; the Flowers are white, with yellow Apices in the middle.
2. It is planted in Gardens, and flowers in Iune and Iuly.
3. The Flowers and Roots are used chiefly in external Applications; they are softning and anodine, good to dissolve and ripen hard Tumours and Swellings; and to brak Imposthumations. Matthiolus recommends the Oil, made of the Flowers, as good for all Pains of ye Joints & contracted Nerves. The officinal Preparation is, ye Oleum Liliorum.
4. Greek, Κρίνον, λέιριον. Latin, Lilium album, and Lilium album flore erecto. Spanish, Azucena, and Lirio blanco. Italian, Giglio bianco. French, Lis. German, Zilgen and Gilgen. Dutch, Lelie.

012 Stinging Nettle. 012c Stinging Nettle. 12. Stinging Nettle. Urtica.

1. This Nettle grows to be two Foot high; the Leaves are of a lighter Green than the Roman Nettle; the Flowers are a dull Yellow.
2. The Nettle grows every where in too great Plenty, and flowers for several Months in the Summer.
3. The Roots, Leaves and Seed are used as cooling and restringent; the Juice is thought good for all kinds of inward Bleedings, Haemorrhagies and Fluxes. A Tent dipt in it stops the Bleeding of the Nose or Wounds. The Root is esteemed diuretic, and a Specific for the Jaundice. The Seed is recommended for Coughs, shortness of Breath and Obstructions of the Lungs.
4. Greek. Ακαλύφη or Ακαλήφη. Latin, Urtica urens, and Urens maxima. Spanish. Ortiga. Italian, Ortica, French, Ortie. German, Beischoder Romisch Nessel. Dutch, -.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).