121-124 The Cornel Tree, Garden Clary, Garden Spurge, Shepherd's Staff.

121 Cornel Tree. 121c Cornel Tree. 121. The Cornel Tree. Cornus-mas.

1. This Tree grows to the size of a Cherry Tree; the Leaves are a deep Green, the Flowers Yellow, and the Berries red.
2. It grows in Gardens & flowers in March & April; but ye Fruit is not ripe till August or September.
3. The Fruit is esteem'd cooling, drying and binding, strengthening ye Stomach, stopping all kinds of Fluxes & Loosness; & is good in Fevers, especially if attended with a Diarrhea.
The Officinal Preparation is the Rob de Cornis.
4. Greek, Κρανία. Latin, Cornus, and Cornus hortensis mas. Spanish, Cornizolos. Italian, Corniolo. French, Cornier. German, Cornelbaum. Dutch, Gornoelje.

122 Garden Clary. 122c Garden Clary. 122. Garden Clary. Horminum hortense. Sclarea.

Also see #010, Sage. - #071, Sage of Vertue. - #122, Garden Clary.

1. It grows to be two Foot high; the Leaves are a dull Green on the Face, and hoary on the Backside; the Flowers are a ligth Blue.
2. It grows in Gardens, flowring in June and July.
3. Clary is estem'd warming & drying. - Infused in Wine it comforts a cold windy Stomach. Some commend it as a great strengthener of the Reins, helping the Fluor Albus & invigorating a Cold relax'd Womb. Matthiolus recommends ye Leaves infused in Vinegar; & a little Honey as good for Boils. - The same Author says that the Women in Italy put a single seed into their Eyes when they are troubled with any Redness, humors or Dimness; but Mr. Miller gives this Vertue to the Wild Clary.
4. Greek, Όρμινον. Latin, Horminum hortense, and Sclarea. Spanish, . Italian, Scarleggia. French, Orval, or Toutebonne. German, Scharlach. Dutch, Scarlen.

123 Garden Spurge. 123c Garden Spurge. 123. Garden Spurge, or Lathyris. Cataputia minor & Lathyris.

1. The stalks grow to be three or four Feet high; the Leaves are a bluish Green and the Flowers yellowish.
2. It grows in Gardens, and flowers for several Months in the Summer.
3. Some use this Plant to purge watery Humors, which it does with great Violence both upwards and downwards, and is seldome used for this but by Emperics. The Milk of the Stalk destry Warts by anointing them with it.
4. Greek, Λαθύρις. Latin, Lathyris, & Cataputia minor. Spanish, Tartago. Italian, Cataputia minore. French, Espurge. German, Springeraut. Dutch, Springskruyd Spurge.

124 Shepherds Staff. 124c Shepherds Staff. 124. Shepherd's Staff. Virga Pastoris.

Also see #050, Wild Teasel. - #124. Shepherd's Staff.

1. It grows to be four or five Foot high; the Leves are a light Grass Green, and the Flowers Yellowish.
2. It grows in Marshey Grounds, particularly behind the Bishop of London's House at Fulham.
3. Matthiolus says this has the same Vertues as the Teasels, & ye Root of this boiled tot he Consistence of Beese Wax in Wine, and kept in a Brazen Vessel is good for a Fistula and Clefts in the Fundament. - The Rain Water found in ye Hollow of the Leaves is commended by some to cool Inflammations of ye Eyes, & to render the Face fair.
4. Greek, . Latin, Virga Pastoris. Spanish, . Italian, Virga di Pastore. French, Vierge de Pasteur. German, . Dutch, .

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).