069-072 Garden Flower de luce, Lillies of the Valley, Sage of Vertue, Ladie's Mantle.

069 Garden Flower De Luce. 069c Garden Flower de Luce. Text page 018. 69. Garden Flower de-luce. Iris nostras hortensis.

Also see #158, Wild Iris or Stinking Gladwyn.

1. It grows to be 18 Inches high; the Leaves are a light Green, & ye Flowers a bluish Purple.
2. It grows in Gardens, and Flowers in May.
3. The Juice of the Root is a strong Errhine; when snuff'd up the Nostrils, it purges ye Head and clears the Brain of thin serous phlegmatic Humors.
A strong Decoction of the Root given inwardly is a strong Vomit, and accounted good for the Dropsy, Jaundice and Ague.
This Vomit is very offensive to the Stomach.
4. Greek, Ίρις. Latin, Iris nostras hortensis. Spanish, Lirio Gardeno. Italian, Giglio celeste. French, Flambe. German, Blaw gilgen Beilwart. Dutch, Lisch.

070 Lillies Of The Valley. 070c Lillies of the Valley. 70. Lillies of the Valley. Lilium convallium.

1. It grows to be 8 or 10 Inches high; the Leaves are a grass Green, and the Flowers white.
2. It grows in the Vallies, but chiefly in Gardens, and flowers in May and June.
3. Lillies of the Valley are of great service in all Disorders of the Head and Nerves; as Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Palsy, Convulsions, Vertigo.
They are much used in errhines and cephalic Sniff.
A Large quantity of them are put in the Aqua Paeonia C. and spirit. Lavendulae and the Aq. Antepileptica.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Lillium convallion. Spanish, -. Italian, Lilia convallis. French, Muguat. German, Reyenblumlin. Dutch, Lelie van den Daalen.

This insect was travelling upon the Lilly, but it feeds commonly upon fruit Trees, & is called ye Lackey from its variety of Colours.

071 Sage Of Vertue. 071c Sage of Vertue. 71. Sage of Vertue. Salvia minor or Virtutis.

Also see #010, Sage. - #071, Sage of Vertue. - #122, Garden Clary.

1. The Stalks grow to be 18 Inches high, ye Leaves are a light Green, and ye Flowers a pale Purple.
2. It grows in Gardens and flowers in May and June.
3. It is esteem'd good for all Diseases of the Head and Nerves, as ye Palsy, Convulsions &c.
They use it likewise for Uterine obstructions, and in Fevers of all sorts.
The Leaves are used in the Ag. Antepileptica, Antiparalytica, Vitae Composita, Syrup Stoechaos, Ung. Martiatum, Caspar Commelin.
4. Greek, Σφάκελος. Latin, Salvia minor, or Salvia virtutis. Spanish, Salvia or Salva menore. Italian, Salvia minore. French, -. German, -. Dutch, Salie.

072 Ladies Mantle. 072c Ladies Mantle. 72. Ladie's mantle. Alchimilla.

1. It grows to be a foot high, the Leaves are a grass Green, and ye FLowers a yellow Green.
2. It grows in Meadow and Pasture Grounds, and flowers in May.
3. This Plant is reckon'd a good vulnerary, being drying & binding, incrassating and consolodating, and of great Force to stop inward Bleeding, the immoderate Flux of the Menses, and the Fluor albus.
The Leaves applyed outwardly are accounted good for lank flagging Breasts, to bring them to a greater Firmness and smaller Compass.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Alchimilla. Spanish, -. Italian, Stellaria. French, Pie de Lyon. German, Synaw. Dutch, Synnauw; onser Drouwen mantel.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).