109-112 Starwort, The Eupatorium of Avicenna, White Henbane, Alkanet.

109 Starwort. 109c Starwort. 109. Starwort, or Aster Attic. Aster Atticus or Inguinalis.

1. The stalks grow to be a foot and a half high, the Leaves are a Grass Green, & the Flowers purple with a Yellow Thrum in the Middle.
2. It is planted here in Gardens, its native place being Greece, Italy, Spain, & the Southern Parts of France. It flowres in August.
3. The Ancients commended the Leaves, beaten & applyed as a Cataplasm, against Buboes and Swellings of the Groin.
Dioscorides recommends it for the too great Heat of ye Stomach, & Inflammations of the Eyes.
4. Greek, Αςύγ ατλικόσ. Latin, Aster Atticos, Inguinalis or Bubonium. Spanish, Astaraticon. Italian, Asteratico. French, Petite Espargoutte. German, Stern Craut. Dutch, .

110 Eupatorium Avicenna. 110c Eupatorium Avicenna. 110. The Eupatorium of Avicenna. Eupatorium Avicennae.

1. The Stalks grow to be two or three foot high, the Leaves are a light Grass Green, & the Flowers purplish.
2. It grows by Rivers and Ditches and flowers in August.
3. Schroder commends this as a very good Vulnerary Plant, used inwardly, but especially outwardly, & useful to correct an Ill Habit of Body, & cure Coughs & catarrhs.
4. Greek, . Latin, Eupatorium Avicennae or vulgare. Spanish, Agrimonia. Italian, Eupatorio. French, . German, Cunigundt Craut. Dutch, .

111 White Henbane. 111c White Henbane. 111. White Henbane. Hyoscyamus albus.

1. The Stalks grow to be two Foot high, the Leaves are a dark Green, and tye Flowers a pale Yellow.
2. It is a Native of the warm Countries, being planted with us in Gardens, flowring in July and August.
3. This Henbane is accounted milder than the Black, and therefore safer to be given inwardly, being emollient cooling an Anodyne, good for Inflamations, and Defluctions of hot Rheum, and is often put into cooling repelling Ointments.
4. Greek, Υοσκύαμοσ λεύκος. Latin, Hyoscyamus albus. Spanish, Velenho blanco. Italian, Iusquiamo bianco. French, Iusquiame blanc. German, Bilsam. Dutch, Bilsenkryd.

112 Alkanet. 112c Alkanet. 112. Alkanet. Anchusa.

1. The Stalks grow about two foot high, the Leaves are a dark Green, and the Flowers a blue Purple.
2. It grows in Gardens here, and flowers in June and July.
3. Dioscorides & other Ancients commed the Roots as good against the Bites of Venemous Creatures being drank in Wine; & outwardly against Burns & St. Anthony's Fire; Parkinson commends the Infusion of the Bark in Petroleum as good for fresh Cuts and green Wounds.
4. Greek, Άγχοσα Ετέρα. Latin, Anchusa. Spanish, Sagem. Italian, Anchusa. French, Orchanette. German, Rot Ochsenjungen. Dutch, Alkanne.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).