217-220 Horsetail, Sea Scurvy-Grass, White Maiden Hair, Black Maiden Hair.

217 Horsetail. 217c Horsetail. Text page 055. 217. Horsetail. Cauda equina.

1. The stalks that bear the Seed grow to be 7 or 8 Inches high, & those that bear the Leaves are about 2 Foot high; the Leaves are a bright Green & & Flowers brown.
2. It grows in Ditches and marshy Grounds, flowring in March.
3. Horsetail is accounted restringent drying & binding, good to stop Bleeding in Wounds, and all Haemorrhagies in any part of the Body, the Catamenia and Fluor albus, Ulcerations in ye Kidneys or Bladder, & is useful in all kinds of Ruptures.
4. Greek, Ιππουρις. Latin, Equisetum. Spanish, Goda de Mula. Italian, Coda di Cavallo. French, Queue de Cheval. German, Rosschwants Dutch. Paardestaart.

218 Sea Scurvy Grass. 218c Sea Scurvy Grass. 218. Sea Scurvy-Grass. Cochlearia Britannica marina.

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1. It grows to be 8 Inches high, the Leaves are a light Green & the Flowers white.
2. This Scurvy Grass grows in great plenty by the Thame's Side below Woolwich and flowers in March and April.
3. This Plant is frequently used in Scorbutic Remedies along with the Garden Scurvy-Grass; but wanting its fine volatile Parts, it seems not so prevalent; but abounding more in Saline it may be used to good Purpose as a Diuretic.
4. Greek, . Latin, Cochlearia Britannica. Spanish, . Italian, . French, Herbe aux Cuiliers. German, . Dutch, Lebelbladen.

219 White Maiden Hair. 219c White Maiden Hair.219. White Maiden Hair. Adianthum album.

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1. The Stalks grow about 3 or 4 Inches high, the Leaves are a light Green above, and brown underneath by reason of the Seed.
2. It grows on old Stone Walls & Buildings.
3. This is one of the five Capillary Herbs mentioned in the Dispensatory, & has the same Virtues with the rest of the Maiden Hairs, being opening & attenuating and good for Distempers of the Lungs and Breast; and is useful in pectoral Decoctions and Diuretic Apozems.
4. Greek, Αδιαντον λευκον. Latin, Ruta muraria, or Salvia vitae. Spanish, Culantrillo depozzo blanco. Italian, Capel Venere bianco. French, Capil Venere blanque. German, Frawen Har. Dutch, Steenruyte.

220 Black Maiden Hair. 220c Black Maiden Hair. 220. Black Maiden Hair. Adianthum nigrum.

Also see #138. Hart's Tongue - #216. Spleen Wort - #219. White Maiden Hair - #220. Black Maiden Hair

1. This Maiden Hair grows about a Span high, the Leaves are a bright Green above, and underneath they are covered with small Brown Seed.
2. It grows in Shady Lanes and at the Roots of Trees.
3. This is also one of the five Capillary Herbs; & its Virtues are much the same as ye common Maiden Hair, being useful for Coughs & all affections of & Lungs and Diseases of ye Kidneys; Some commend it as good for the Jaundice.
4. Greek, Αδιαντον μελον. Latin, Adianthum nigrum vulgare, or Onopeteris foemina. Spanish, Culantrillo depozzo negro. Italian, Capel venere. French Capil venere noir. German, Frawen Har . Dutch Drouwen Hairkruyd.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).