Viola odorata

Viola odorata

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Viola odorata L.
Engl.: sweet violet, blue violet, English violet, garden violet, purple violet, sweet-scented violet, violet.
Deu.: Märzveilchen, Wohlriechendes Veilchen, Veilchen.
Fran.: violette.
Sven.: doftviol, luktviol.
Suom.: tuoksuorvokki.

Violets / 1995

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 20:58:43 +1000
From: christopher hedley
Subject: Violets, was fad herb.

I agree.... Violets are an excellent choice for a new fad herb.

Let me add a piece to the growing mythology.... which is all the better for being true,

Violets, of course, have an ancient reputation in the treatment of tumours, both internally and as a compress.

008. Viola odorata. Luktvioler.

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008. Viola odorata. Gamla texter: Svensk Botanik, band 1, 1815. Text Conrad Quensel, illustration J. W. Palmstruch.

Violets: the New Fad Herb.

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