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Clematis tincture

Botanical name: 

Archive hunt: cluster migraines.

So I'm doing more of the BoHF, and run across a tidbit from March 1996, where somebody uses Clematis tincture for cluster migraines. Anybody here used it, and if so, with what kind of results?



Yup, I've used it with a couple of folk sucsessfully. In fact, they swear by it. Granted they are, in addition to using the clematis, watching their diet triggers, stress levels and using other alternative therapies ( notably acupuncture.)

Works best taken with first sign of the impending migraine ( usually visual disturbances, aura etc).

I've also used it for general vascular headaches with good effect.

Thanks for that!

What part of clematis is used for tincture ? Flower and leaf ?