077-080 Strawberries, Red Rose, Ladie's Thistle, Melilot.

077 Wood Strawberries. 077c Wood Strawberries. 77. Strawberries. Fragaria.

1. This Plant creeps upon the Ground, the Stalks on which the Fruit grows are about Eight Inches long, the Leaves are a dark Grass Green, and the Flowers white.
2. They grow in woods, and flower in May,and the Fruit is ripe in June.
3. The Leaves are used in Lotions and Gargarisms for sore Mouths and Throats and Ulcers in the Gums.
The Fruit is accounted Cordial and good for hot bilous Constitutions, and grateful to the Stomach especially eaten with Wine and Sugar. The flowers make the Aq. Antinephritica, Caspar Comelin.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Fragaria. Spanish, -. Italian, Fragelaria. French, Fraisier. German, Bergerdbeer. Dutch, Kardbesien.

078 Red Rose. 078c Red Rose. 78. The Red Rose. Rosa Rubra.

Also see #008, Wild Rose. - #073, White Rose. - #078, Red Rose. - #082, Damask Rose.

1. This Rose Bush is less than the white or Damask; the flowers have very few Prickles on the stalks; the Leaves are a grass Green and the Flowers a light Crimson.
2. It grows in Gardens and flowers in June and July.
3. The Red Rose is more binding and restringent than any of the Other species, & are esteemed good in all kinds of Fluxes. They Strengthen the Stomach, prevent Vomiting, stop tickling Coughs by preventing the Defluxion of Rheum, and are of great Service in Consumptions. The Apices are also accounted cordial.
The Officinal Preparations are a Simple Water, the Conserva Rosarum, Sacharum Rosarum, Syrupus & Rosis siccis, Miel Rosarum, Ol. Rosarum, Unguentum Rosarum, Tinctura Rosarum et Species Aromaticum Rosarum.
4. Greek, Ροδόν. Latin, Rosa rubra. Spanish, Rosas. Italian, Rosa. French, Roses. German, Rosen. Dutch, Kard Rosen.

079 Ladies Thistle. 079c Ladies Thistle. 79. Ladie's Thistle. Carduus Mariae.

1. The Stalks grow to be 4 or 5 foot high, the Leaves are a willow Green spotted w'th white, and the flowers Purple.
2. It grows frequently upon Banks and Borders of Fields, and flowers in June.
3. This Thistle is esteem'd to partake of the Virtues of ye Carduus benedictus, but in a low'r Degree.
Some commend it as a Specific for the Pleurisy, especially an Emulsion of the Seeds.
It is helpful also for the Jaundice, the Stone, and stoppage of Urine.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Carduus Mariae. Spanish, -. Italian, Cardo del latte. French, Chardon de nostre Dame. German, Unser Frawen Distil. Dutch, Onse Drawme Distel.

080 Melilot. 080c Melilot. 80. Melilot. Melilotus.

1. The Stalks grow to be three foot high, the Leaes are a Grass-green, and ye Flowers a light Yellow.
2. It grows frequently among the Corn and in Hedges, and flowers in June.
3. The Leaves and Flowers are accounted mollifying, discussing, dissolving and easing Pain; for which Uses they are put in Stupes and Cataplasms against Inflammations, hard Tumours, or any kind of Swellings.
The Melilot Plaster made of this Herb boiled in Mutton Suet, Rosin and Wax, is drawing, and good for green Wounds, but is chiefly used in Dressing of Blisters.
Officinal Preparations are the Emplastrum Meliloti Simp. & Comp.
4. Greek, Μελίλωτος. Latin, Melilotus. Spanish, Corona de Rei. Italian, Meliloto. French, Melilot. German, Ziger Craut. Dutch, Melilote.
This Caterpillar is called by some the Hussy. Doctor Muffet calls it the Sayl-Yard, it feeds upon most Green Plants.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).