081-084 Garden Radish, Damask Rose, Pease, Hedge Nettle.

081 Garden Radish. 081c Garden Radish. Text page 021. 81. Garden Radish. Raphanus hortensis.

1. The stalks grow to be Three foot high; the Leaves are a dark Green, ye Flowers are sometimes a light Purple, & sometimes white, w'th a red Spot on each Leaf.
2. It is sown in Gardens, and flowers in May and June.
3. Radishes are esteem'd opening, alternuating and antiscorbutic.
They provoke Urine, and are good for the Stone and Gravel.
4. Greek, Ραφανίς. Latin, Raphanus. Spanish, Ravano. Italian, Rafano. French, Reffort. German, Rettich. Dutch, Peperwortel.
This is called by Doctor Muffet Gryllotalpa or Mole-kricket. It lives commonly upon Roots, and seldome comes abroad till ye Sun is down.

082 Damask Rose. 082c Damask Rose. 82. The Damask Rose. Rosa Damascena.

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1. This Rose Bush grows not so tall as the white, but taller than the Red; the Leaves ar a light Grass Green, and the Flowers a pale Red.
2. It grows in Gardens and flowers for several Months in the Summer.
3. The Flowers are of a gentle cathartic Nature, purging choleric and serous Humours.
They are frequently given to Children & weakly Persons, mixt with stronger Cathartics.
4. Greek, Ροδόν. Latin, Rosa Damascena vel pallida. Spanish, Rosas. Italian, Rosa. French, Roses. German, Rosen. Dutch, Roos.

083 Peas. 083c Peas. 83. Pease. Pisum.

1. The stalks grow to be four foot high, the Leaves are a very light Green, and the Blossomes white.
2. They are sowen in Gardens & Fields; they flower in May, & ye Fruit is ripe in June.
3. Pease are accounted good to sweeten ye Blood & correct Salt Scorbutic Humor, either aten raw or boiled.
4. Greek, Πισόν. Latin, Pisum. Spanish, Arovejas. Italian, Pisello & Biso. French, Les Pois. German, Erbis. Dutch, -.

084 Hedge Nettle. 084c Hedge Nettle. 84. Hedge Nettle. Galiopsis.

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1. The Stalks grow to be two foot high; ye Leaves are a dark Green, & ye Flowers red.
2. It grows in Hedges, and on Banks, and flowers in June.
3. This Plant is accounted by some a good vulnerary, and serviceable for all sorts of Wounds, and putrid Ulcers.
It is esteem'd restringent, & good to stop inward Bleeding, & ye making of Bloody water.
4. Greek, Γαλίοψις. Latin, Galiopsis. Spanish, Ortica muerta. Italian, Ortica morta. French, Ortie. German, Daubnessel. Dutch, Dove Nectelen.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).