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Rosa x damascena

Rosa x damascena

Rosa x damascena Mill.
Engl.: damask rose, Damascene rose.
Deu.: Damaszener Rose.
Suom.: damaskonruusu.
Pharm.: attar of roses, essence of rose, oleum rosarum, otto of roses.
Bot. syn.: See Rosa gallica L. x moschata J. Herrm., Rosa x bifera (Poir.) Pers.

Gleanings from the German Journals.

Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1871. The Oil of Grapeseed, An Analysis of a Himalaya Tea, Tinctura Rhei Aquosa, Attar of Rose, Castor Oil.

Rose beads.


Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 05.1996.

Attar of roses.

Botanical name:

Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 01.1994.

Egyptian salve.


Henriette's herbal blog: Mmmm, myrrh and calamus and rose.

Rose salve.

Botanical name:

Henriette's herbal blog: Xmas is getting near, and so are xmas markets.

Photo: Rosa x damascena.

Botanical name:
Photo: Rosa x damascena.

Dried flowerbuds, whole and powdered up. Annala, Helsinki, Finland. Storebought. 2004-11-19.

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